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Your clothes are cleaned based on a service of your choosing by expert staff, only the highest quality equipment and the finest environmentally responsible detergents.


Select your preferred pick-up and drop-off dates, when you download our app you’ll received a text message when we’re on our way. You can even see where your valet is at in real time.

There’s a WashOut Service for Everything

Powered by Nellie's - we use only the best, natural eco-friendly detergent.

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Brooklyn’s Nursery - We are also proud to offer an amazing VEGAN alternative, handmade right here in Vancouver. Brooklyn’s Nursery is an all-natural, four ingredient laundry soap and available in 4 scents. Gentle enough for your baby and for sensitive skin but strong enough to fight stubborn stains.

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Cleaned according to the care label, hung to dry and returned crisiply folded. * Hang dry service must me ordered at the time your order is placed

Sweater | $ 5.00

Synthetics | $ 2.50

Pants | $ 5.00

Undergarment | $ 1.00

Wash and Fold

Colours separated, washing instructions followed* by service of your choosing & your clothes are never washed with anyone else’s. We wash all clothing in cold water and dry on medium heat. You can also order hang dry or dry cleaning service.

$1.95 per pound

20lbs pounds is approximately 1 week’s worth of clothing and will cost around $39 + delivery

Your laundry is delivered the very next day

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

What to expect from WashOut Dry Cleaning?

Each piece of clothing is inspected for stains, so we can treat them individually. Your clothes are returned, pressed and on hangers, in your personal WashOut garment bag.

Dry Cleaning


Men's & women's shirts

DryCleaned and pressed

$9.00 - $15.00


  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Shorts

$9.00 - $17.00


  • Blouse
  • Sweater
  • Jacket / Blazer

$25.00 - $30.00

Full body

  • Casual Dress $25.00
  • Coat $18.00
  • Suit (Jacket & Pants) $26.00

Wash and Fold

Per Pound Laundry


  • Priced per pound
  • + delivery fee
  • Schedule a pickup any day

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Commercial Laundry Services

If your company runs short of clean linen for any reason, it could mean a costly interruption in operations. WashOut understands this important fact. We deliver fast, efficient processing, so our clients can focus on their core business.

We serve physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, hotels, restaurants and many more who come to WashOut for their high-capacity needs. We are known for our fast turnaround, eco-friendly and energy efficient processing using environmentally friendly detergents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum order size for Wash & Fold (the Black Bag) is 20 lbs / 9.07 kgs. We do accept Wash & Fold orders that weigh less than our minimum, however, you’ll be charged for the minimum order size of 20 lbs. Our Wash & Fold service is priced at $1.95 per pound which equates to $39 + delivery for 15lbs + tax.

Please note that any itemized pieces including comforters/duvets, blankets, bath mats, or kitchen mats included in your Wash & Fold order do not count towards the 20 lb minimum order size. These items are washed and dried separately to follow their specific care instructions. See pricing list here for these items.

“Yes! Your clean clothes will be the very next day, this is standard delivery! Pretty great right!?”

You can schedule your first WashOut pickup on our website (, or on our mobile app (available on iOS or Android). If you have any difficulties, feel free to email us at or call or text to 604-927-4688 - our team is always happy to help.

"Personless" pickup and delivery allows our Valet to pick up or deliver your order without you having to be available. Here is how it works:

  • We will provide you with a door hook that you can place on your door.
  • You can leave the order you would like for us to pick up on the door hook and our Valet will know to pick up these items for cleaning.
  • For delivery, you can just place the door hook on your door and our Valet will place your clean items on the hook, mark your order as delivered, and you will receive a text message confirmation.
  • If you opt to utilize "personless" pickup or delivery, we ask you to consider that our Valet has access to a safe place to deliver and pick up your clothes. If you are in an apartment, can buzz us into your building remotely or provide a door code, or if you have a home, is it best to leave your delivery at the back door?

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